Kintail and Glen Shiel Paintings

I hope you enjoy my small selection of Kintail and Glen Shiel Paintings, this historic glen is close to home for me and I try to portray its many moods in my oil and watercolour paintings.

The hills to the north-east of Glen Shiel are known as the Five Sisters Of Kintail (Gaelic: Còig Peathraichean Chinn Tàile), and form a high ridge some 8 km (5.0 mi) long rising steeply from Glen Shiel to a maximum height of 1,067 metres (3,501 feet). According to legend, the five sisters are the oldest of seven sisters, as the youngest two sisters fell in love with two Irish princes who washed ashore during a storm. Their father would only allow them to marry once the older sisters has also been married, and so the princes agreed to send their other five brothers once they had returned to Ireland with their new wives. Although the princes failed to appear, the five sisters continued to wait, eventually turning into mountains to extend their vigil into eternity.

The south side of the glen is flanked by The South Glen Shiel Ridge which gives you extensive views to Knoydart and down to Loch Duich and Eilean Donan Castle. This castle is now famous in its own right.