North West Highlands Paintings

I hope you enjoy my selection of North West Highlands Paintings, where spectacular mountains rise from the sea and bogs of the Flow Country.

The special mountains of Suilven and Stac Pollaidh are favourites of mine to paint, they may be small but majestic and they present so many dfferent aspects to paint. The geology of the area is interesting, along the western coastal margin it is characterised by Lewisian gneiss, the oldest rock in Scotland.

Liathach, Beinn Alligin, Suilven, Cùl Mòr, Cùl Beag, and Quinag are just some of the impressive rock islands of the significantly younger rich brown-coloured Torridonian sandstone which rests on the gneiss. Some of the peaks, such as Beinn Eighe and Canisp, are topped with later light grey or white Cambrian quartzite, this sparkles in the sunlight.

I have also included in this section my art work of the beaches in the far north at Sandwood Bay. The Gulf Stream influences the weather patterns here, but Atlantic storms are still a feature of the winter.