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Brusho Paintings

Sandra Hugill

Sandra Hugill

The first question is what is Brusho and how to achieve Brusho Paintings?

Brusho Crystal Colour is a unique, transparent, highly pigmented water colour ink powder available in a range of  brilliant colours.

It can be used like watercolour and mixed with water, although I have found it does not have the blending qualities of watercolour and quite easily becomes mud. My favourite method, which I discovered when trying to create the Scottish Highland Flowers of the Machair series, was to stretch the paper as normal, mix the colour that you want to use for a sky fully wet the paper paint the sky with random strokes of paint with a large brush – giving the impression of clouds – then sprinkle the powders in the areas you want the flowers to be, and watch the explosion of colour keeping an eye on the drying and adding some more colour if needed allow to fully dry.

If you decide that you need more colour or grasses when the work is dry, sprinkle the colours you would like and lightly spray with water from a distance, sometimes its necessary to cover the already dried work to stop it being reactivated.

Now for the interesting bit, look at the artwork and find the flower shapes and colours and firm up with petals, stamens, leaves and grasses using the Brusho as a watercolour paint.

Allow to dry again, now if you think it needs it then use a waterproof pen or gel pen to highlight petal and flower shapes.

Hopefully finished, and another masterpiece completed!

My Brusho paintings have now been added to my on line gallery and I continue to experiment with the medium so watch this space for the next instalment of my painting adventures.

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