Sandra Hugill - Gallery of Original Paintings of The Scottish Highlands, The Lake District and Snowdonia
Glen Garry

Watercolour Paintings

I first learned to paint in watercolours and this collection is a showcase for the watercolour paintings that I currently have for sale. These are currently exclusively landscapes and mountain paintings, but I intend to add other subjects as my artistic endeavours progress. I have been influenced over the years by the mountain paintings of David Bellamy, and love his use of light and shade in his work.

The Paintings currently in this gallery are of The Scottish Highlands, The English Lake District and Snowdonia, all of which I have spent many years visiting, walking in the mountains, valleys and glens. I have loved visiting all the areas I have painted and seen some spectacular light which I try to capture in my landscape art work. I use a Daler Rowney and Winsor and Newton paints in my work, my favourite paper is the rough texture from St Cuthbert's Mill Saunders High White. Arches rough paper is also a favourite of mine.

Sandra Hugill Landscape Artist