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Simply Skiddaw Watercolour

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My latest watercolour painting, this time Skiddaw in The Lake District - a winter dawn painting, using easy techniques of washes with loads of patience to let things dry as you are going along. Sometimes simple works and I think this is one of them, its also with a limited palette of Ultramarine, permanent rose and phthalocyanine green.

The antitwilight arch is an atmospheric phenomenon visible shortly before sunrise during civil twilight, when a pinkish glow extending roughly 10–20° above the horizon surrounds the observer.

This is also called the Belt of Venus and is actually alpenglow visible above the horizon during twilight. Unlike alpenglow, the sunlight refracted by the fine particulates that cause the rosy arch of the Belt hovers high in the atmosphere and persists long before sunrise. This adds so much atmosphere to the painting.

Materials used :
Arches watercolour rough paper
Michael Wilcox and Daler Romney Artists Watercolour Paints
Brushes from Rosemary's Brushes

Simply Skiddaw Watercolour
Simply Skiddaw Watercolour
Sandra Hugill Landscape Artist